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Oklahoma State Bank

With knowledgeable representatives in the Langley, Vinita, and Monkey Island branches, Oklahoma State Bank makes your banking easy and convenient.

Vinita Branch
Primary Location
120 West Canadian
P.O. Box 278
Vinita, OK 74301
Fax: 918.256.3817
Today's Hours: 9:00AM - 4:00PM - 3 Locations >
Langley Branch
36721 South Hwy 82
P.O. 910
Langley, OK 74350
Fax: 918.782.2457
< Today's Hours: 9:00AM - 4:00PM - 3 Locations >
Monkey Island Branch
26551 South Hwy 125
Monkey Island, OK 74331
Fax: 918.257.8703
< Today's Hours: 9:00AM - 4:00PM - 3 Locations
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About Us

Oklahoma State Bank--Member FDIC--Equal Housing Lender--TERO Certified--Equal Opportunity Employer

Bank History

In 1937, a small group of investors organized to open a commercial bank in Vinita, Oklahoma, to serve the needs of the community and its residents. On November 9, 1937, Craig County Bank was officially chartered and opened for business soon after. Upon opening, the bank leased a building at 135 S. Wilson, which would serve as the bank’s location for 29 years. 

In 1966, Craig County Bank was renamed as Oklahoma State Bank and Trust. Years after, the bank dropped trust powers and was renamed as Oklahoma State Bank. The bank had outgrown its original location and built a new building to handle the increased traffic and parking demands. The building was constructed at 120 West Canadian Avenue, which still serves as the bank’s headquarters. In 2001, Oklahoma State Bank opened the first branch in Langley and opened a second branch on Monkey Island in 2009.

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Thoroughbred Banking

Oklahoma State Bank--Member FDIC--Equal Housing Lender--TERO Certified--Equal Opportunity Employer

Thoroughbred Banking

At Oklahoma State Bank, we value our customers. As a full service bank we want to make your banking easy and convenient. We continue in our search for new products and better ways to serve you.

Personal Checking

Business Checking

Let us tailor a solution to meet your business’s financial needs!

With our custom fit Business Checking Account, your business can choose which service best meets your needs.

Along with all the features below, we also give you the option to choose from the convenient e-statements or the traditional paper statements with check images (e-statements are available online for a period of 24 months).

  • FREE Online Banking/Mobile Banking/Bill Payment-Some restrictions apply.
  • FREE Small Business Checking
  • FREE Mastercard Business Check Cards
  • FREE automated 24 hour telephone banking access
  • Quicken, QuickBooks, MS Money, or Excel downloadable file of your bank statement available.
  • Cash Management features
  • TABS: Telephone Access Banking Service

Cash Management Options

ACH Origination

Automatically credit all your employees’ bank accounts on payday, or easily debit your customers’ accounts for an immediate payment.

With prior authorization, our easy to use ACH (Automatic Clearing House) origination system can decrease reliance of paper checks and can also speed up the clearing of deposited items.

Credit Card Processing

  • Increase your average sale and improve customer satisfaction by allowing customers to choose their preferred form of payment.
  • Speed up the check-out process with efficiency and convenience.
  • Protect yourself from potential losses caused by bounced checks.
  • Avoid the risk and inconvenience of having large sums of cash.
  • Accept payments from virtually anyone.

Wire Transfers

Approval required. Send corporate wire transfers and ask us how we can help you be more efficient in sending them online. 

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