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Oklahoma State Bank

With knowledgeable representatives in the Langley, Vinita, and Monkey Island branches, Oklahoma State Bank makes your banking easy and convenient.

Vinita Branch
Primary Location
120 West Canadian
P.O. Box 278
Vinita, OK 74301
Fax: 918.256.3817
Today's Hours: Closed - 3 Locations >
Langley Branch
36721 South Hwy 82
P.O. 910
Langley, OK 74350
Fax: 918.782.2457
< Today's Hours: Closed - 3 Locations >
Monkey Island Branch
26551 South Hwy 125
Monkey Island, OK 74331
Fax: 918.257.8703
< Today's Hours: Closed - 3 Locations
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Native Small Business Assistance Center

Helping Small Business Owners Every Step of the Way!

~Your Dreams~My Knowledge~Our Future~

Oklahoma State Bank ~ TERO Certified
Native American Small Business Assistance @ Maximum Performance

Call Brian Hartley, Business Developer for Native American Entrepreneurs, to discuss the opportunities Oklahoma State Bank can offer you.

Serving Native American Employers & Employees! 

We help American Indian Business Owners Plan, Start up, Stabilize and Expand their Business. With years of qualified knowledge, you will know that the future of your business is in expert hands. As an Indian owned business, ourselves, we value your commitment in representing our Native American Future and look forward to the opportunity to share our experience and knowledge with you. Schedule a free consultation to see how we can assist you. 

Our mission is to advance and encourage small business development and entrepreneurship through business financing, government contracting and development services for Native Americans. The Native American people have a long and proud history of making wise and carefully laid out plans for growth and development. Let our experienced and knowledgeable staff help you take the first steps towards becoming a business owner or assist you in expanding an already successful business. 

We are available to assist you with all of your business needs. We have resources available to help you whether you are just beginning to lay out your plans and bring your dreams to reality or are a seasoned business owner, looking to build and expand your market. Our staff gladly offers technical assistance, resource information and financing to help your business.

Take the first step in utilizing the knowledge and vision that is your birthright and call Oklahoma State Bank! We look forward to working with you in the very near future.

Business Financing

Loan programs are available to business owners who meet the following standards:

    • Live and locate their business within Native jurisdictional boundaries.
    • Citizen of a federally recognized tribe.
    • Turn in completed business plan demonstrating financial viability.
    • Meet credit and income requirements.
    • Meet equality and collateral requirements.

Native American IS Thoroughbred!

Serving Native American Employers & Employees!

Oklahoma State Bank (OSB) offers Refillable Pre-paid Payroll cards! Available to YOU and YOUR EMPLOYEES! Direct Deposit option available! 

The smart and safe way to pay your employees.

Safer than cash
MasterCard Zero Liability Protection (Conditions and exceptions may apply)
No credit check
No overdraft fees
Instant text alerts of deposits and balances

OSB offers Business Financing and Training, Business Plan Development and Startup, Stabilization and Expansion Assistance to Native Americans throughout the US. 

Oklahoma State Bank Thoroughbred Native American Small Business Assistance Center 
Oklahoma State Bank Member FDIC Equal Housing Lender TERO Certified Equal Opportunity Employer

Have questions? Call Brian Hartley, your personal TERO Representative, at 918.713.0229 today!