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Oklahoma State Bank

With knowledgeable representatives in the Langley, Vinita, and Monkey Island branches, Oklahoma State Bank makes your banking easy and convenient.

Vinita Branch
Primary Location
120 West Canadian
P.O. Box 278
Vinita, OK 74301
Fax: 918.256.3817
Today's Hours: Closed - 3 Locations >
Langley Branch
36721 South Hwy 82
P.O. 910
Langley, OK 74350
Fax: 918.782.2457
< Today's Hours: Closed - 3 Locations >
Monkey Island Branch
26551 South Hwy 125
Monkey Island, OK 74331
Fax: 918.257.8703
< Today's Hours: Closed - 3 Locations
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Thoroughbred Leasing

Thoroughbred Leasing

Oklahoma State Bank--Member FDIC--Equal Housing Lender--TERO Certified--Equal Opportunity Employer

Oklahoma State Bank 
Thoroughbred Leasing @ Maximum Performance

Did you know OSB can help YOU aid YOUR community? 

OSB provides lease/purchase options for much needed improvements for communitiesin following states: Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas or Texas. 

Three quarters of a century in age, Oklahoma State Bank IS Thoroughbred Banking, through and through. We are a proven achiever through steady discipline, boldness and spirit.

Call or stop by one of our three branches to talk with a personal leasing agent. They can prepare a strategic proposal to meet your application criteria for your town.

Many equipment lease options are available. Financing is available for, but not limited to, city and county governments, as well as, fire, public schools and water districts. 

Oklahoma State Bank Thoroughbred Leasing serving Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas and Texas.

Thoroughbred Leasing provides the same qualities you seek in any professional financing relationship…Exceptional Personal Service…Integrity…Competitive Pricing.

You can be assured the financing proposal you receive will be custom designed to fit your needs, will be in your organizations best interests, and in compliance with often complex regulations. Our services are available throughout the life of the lease.

Why choose a Lease/Purchase Option?

  • Voter reluctance to raise Taxes
  • Interest Rates are Competitive with bonds
  • Low Tax Exempt Rates
  • Improves Cash Flow
  • Purchase your needed Equipment at Today's Prices
  • Avoids Large Lump Sum Expenditures
  • Free up additional capital for other needs

Leased option items

  • Pumpers, Tankers, Aerials, Brush Hogs
  • First Responder Rescue Trucks, Buildings and Additions
  • Fire Station Buildings and Additions, Fir Trucks, Fire and Safety Equipment
  • School Buses, Buildings and Additions
  • Dump Trucks, Heavy Equipment
  • Real Estate
  • And more!

Financing Available for:

  • County Government
  • City Government
  • School Districts
  • Fire Districts
  • Water Districts
  • And More!

A personal Oklahoma State Bank leasing agent will prepare a customized financial proposal designed per your request.  Proposals will be presented compliant of intricate regulations. Contact us today for information or a no obligation-free quote on any equipment purchase.

Call~         1-866-385-9024  
Visit~        Thoroughbred Leasing