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Robert Don Gifford, Attorney-at-Law

Bringing together a historic firm that has represented the largest corporations in Oklahoma in the energy sector, banking industry, and high profile litigation

Gifford Law, P.L.L.C.
P.O. Box 2682
Oklahoma City, OK 73101
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Legal Services Offered

A former Assistant United States Attorney and Tribal Liaison for the U.S. Department of Justice, as well as a tribal member with over twenty years of federal, state, military courts-martial, and tribal court experience, Mr. Gifford’s experiences are without comparison, and his founding of the Gifford Law Firm in Oklahoma City is the beginning of an era in the law in Indian Country that will be unparalleled. Bringing together a historic firm that has represented the largest corporations in Oklahoma in the energy sector, banking industry, and high profile litigation, with Mr. Gifford’s unique background in trying the most complex cases in federal, state, military, and tribal courts, tribal entities in Oklahoma now have a chance to grow, seek justice, and do more.  

Litigates at trial and appellate level cases in federal, state and tribal court on behalf of various Native American tribes, as well as non-Indian companies and individuals dealing with tribes and tribal entities. When called upon, will serve as a tribal judge, attorney general, or other counsel to tribal entities or individuals in federal, state, and tribal courts.With over 20 years of active duty and reserve component military experience as an Army Judge Advocate, "Colonel" Gifford's legal expertise in defense and government contracts is a "force multiplier" for any contractor.

Handles various administrative and regulatory compliance activities involving Native American tribal governments and enterprises, such as the tribal employment rights/preference laws; collective-bargaining and labor union organizing in tribal casinos and other properties; taxation matters; liquor and tobacco laws; banking; and the development of traditional and renewable energy resources.

Counsels tribal enterprises in various gaming, commercial, banking, financial services, real estate, mineral rights and other transactional matters.
Handles complex criminal and civil enforcement actions – including federal and state grand jury proceedings and investigations, along with parallel state and/or Native American tribal enforcement activities, with clients ranging from individuals and small companies to the large publicly traded corporations. 

When called upon, serves as a Special Investigator to investigate alleged misappropriation of tribal funds and other wrongdoing to enforce tribal law, obtain restitution and refer matters to the United States Attorney’s Office for possible prosecution.

A good attorney provides coordinated and efficient advice. The right response to a crisis requires a cohesive team equipped to immediately respond in an organized and strategic manner on multiple fronts, before issues become framed and fixed. This requires interacting immediately and simultaneously with federal and local prosecutors, regulatory agencies, concerned investors and directors, the private plaintiffs' bar, congressional investigators and the media.