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Accent Group Solutions

Our team partners with our clients to extend their service model and allow them to focus on their core business. Allow Accent to print, warehouse, and distribute for you.

Accent Group Solutions
616 Wyndham Crossings Circle
Saint Louis, MO 63131
Fax: 314.965.6384

About Our Business

Accent is a third generation company serving our clients with our 3PL model and printing facility. We treat our clients and employees like family. Our focus is helping companies with multiple doors/divisions automate the workflow of their print and fulfillment projects.

Once your account is on-boarded, clients save hundreds of hours, warehouse space, freight reductions, and delivery improvements. Although our clients love saving time and money - what they love even more is using their time to focus on growing their core business. Our mission as a company extends beyond profits. Thanks to our amazing, oldest son introducing us to the world of special needs, we heard about vocational training programs.

Accent is now the proud host of three vocational training programs to assist students from the ages of 18-21 in learning transferable job skills and life skills. Special School District staff and students come to Accent everyday to be a part of our team.

While the students benefit greatly from learning these skills, the life skills learned by our own team are nothing short of amazing. The value of inclusion is not only great for schools, but great for businesses as well. When you choose to partner with Accent, you are not just going to be another client - you are going to be a part of our family and serve a greater purpose.