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Coupons Benefits:

  • Increases Your Marketing Area - Coupons can effectively increase your market area, with 60% of consumers actively look for coupons.
  • Entice New Customers - 33% of customers wait for a product to go on sale before they purchase. The coupon is a great tool to capture those customers. 
  • Reactivates Old Customers - Loyal programs can be tied to coupons to keep customers interested in your products. 
  • Drives Sales of Related Products - Coupons help push the main product, which supports the accessories and add-ons, that increase you're profitable.
  • Bundling products - Bundling is a great way to increase sales with coupons.

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A contest is a great way to build a strong following. Building your community becomes easy when you talk about your contest. Incentive people to follow/purchase from you in exchange for a chance to win the prize. Contest increase awareness of your brand as contestants spread the word of the prize. Followers, Sales, and Engagement all increase during and after the contest, as a contest, highlights the giver and their services/products.

We will need a few things from you before the contest is published.

  • Contest image (Pixels: 1500 x 270; Format: JPG, GIF, or PNG).
  • Description of the contest (Plain text format).
  • Contest Rules (Plain text format).
  • Background story to publish about the contest (Plain text format).
  • Start date and end date of the contest.
  • Will you need the following fields for the contest. Phone number, Age, and Address?
  • Is your contest a Drawing or a daily entry drawing?
  • Detail of the prize. How the prize will be given to the winner(s). 

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Use the promotion feature to create awareness, generate sales, and brand loyalty. Promotions tied to coupons and events help drive sales to your company.

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Capture the power of your event by posting it thru our online targeted marketing software. Directly tied your company to the event and create a sense of company perspective and personality to drive traffic to the event. Linking your memorable event will impact your brand image and showcase your company.

Not a client Submit details of your event.

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Jobs's job board is created for maximum exposure within Indian Country and other online job boards. We actively work to promo the success of companies to hire the right individual. Listing a job on the board creates an opportunity for the company to seek outside its normal area to open up to more job leads. Companies receive all applicants directly and can filter thru the seekers to find the right one. Keep all the applicant's data for future jobs/positions. 

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Procurements (Bids)

Companies that use procurements understand the value critical strategic decisions can be beneficial to the ROI. Identifying the best vendors is difficult; procurements take away the risk and connect vendors with buys looking to complete a project. The high performing procurements have the following functions:

  • Can Manage Vendors - Verify vendors that can deliver with competitive bids, robust contracts, and financially viable. 
  • Project Efficiency - Track vendors complete projects on time within budget. Holding Vendors accountable to the guidelines of the contract is simple with an outline of the procurement project.
  • When things go South - Conversations can be difficult if both sides of the during the poor performance; this is why a detailed procurement can outline the outcome of the price for value. 
  • Meet the Needs - The capabilities of vendors need to meet the outcome of the procurement. Find the best vendor with an excellent track record before the contract is signed.
  • What is the Value - Return-On-Investment is key to all business decisions, that is the main goal of procurements. getting the maximum value delivered for the best price and efficiency on results that count.

Don't waste time searching for a vendor, use procurements to secure the top vendor that wants to do business with you while delivering the best product.

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Forms (Data Collection)

Do you have forms in your company? Make them digital within the software. You can download the data into a spreadsheet and get an email of each completed form submitted. The top reasons to use online forms within your site:

  • Cheaper - why waste money with paper forms and retyping the data into your system.
  • faster - No time is wasted to deliver data. personally is not wasted collecting the data.
  • Customize - Design the form to answer all the data points you need without repeat questions.
  • Convenient - Online forms can be available 24/7 allowing the end-user to fill out the data on their time. Send the form directly to the end-user with a special URL.
  • Innovative - your online form is directly tied to your page to increase exposure and activity on the site.
  • Response - Easily follow-up with the end-user via email. increase response rates with easy to follow and reply with your online form.
  • Templates - offers a vast availability of options responses within the online form feature.