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Unboxed Training Solutions

Training solutions, team building, leadership development, organizational development, strategic planning and more upon request

Unboxed Training Solutions
73 Jay
Canadian, OK 74425

Company Overview

At Unboxed, were more than just delivering a training program, but the focus is on making sure that the training component of your solution is research-based, high quality, and meets standards established by you and your stakeholders. After years of research, we've determined that most solutions for corporate and organizations are based on training. At Unboxed, we focus on backwards approach to solution development and management. This factors in human resources, training and development, and the organizational development approach to problem solving.

Since in-person trainings have been cancelled, now would be a great time to schedule a webinar or virtual workshop.  For more information, please contact us.  

Boxed training are courses, workshops, and training content that have already been created and field-tested by other clients. Unboxed training that includes long-term planning or staff development, our trained team can help build any type of program that includes training to ensure that your organization produces real-time results.

Organizational Development

From conducting needs assessments to developing a long-range training plan, our team is here to help build a human resource strategy that works for your organization!

Strategic Planning

Organizations should create or refine Strategic Plans every three to five years. Unboxed has a Strategic Planning Guide that will help walk you through the process. Contact us for the free guide.

Management Training List

-Just when I had all of my Ducks in a Row...Someone Yelled Goose!
-Managing Chaos: What is Renting Space in Your Head?
-Managing Conflict in Difficult Situations
-Creating More Time in the Day
-Progressive Discipline 

Soft and Technical Skills

-Dealing with Difficult Co-Workers and Customers
-Adult Learning Styles
-Computer Basics including Microsoft Office
-Technical and Business Writing Made Easy!
-Think Like an Entrepreneur

Youth Development

-Leading to GET Results!
-Preparing for the Next Big Step
-Financially Preparing for the Next Big Step
-SMART Goal Setting
-Interactive Team building
-Servant Leadership and Civic Engagement

Leadership Development

-Unboxed Leadership – Experience Outside the Box
-The Leadership Box – Skills in a Box
-Everyone Needs a COACH
-Change Leadership: Maintaining Focus and Motivation
-The Most Powerful Leadership Styles
-Strategic Planning for a New or Revised Culture