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Sac and Fox Nation Scholarships

Our programs are funded either through the Sac and Fox Nation's Revenue Allocation Plan (RAP), which is for tribal members only, or Federal, Department of Interior (DOI).

Information on Scholarships

Education Department

Our programs are funded either through the Sac and Fox Nation's Revenue Allocation Plan (RAP), which is for tribal members only, or Federal, Department of Interior (DOI), which is for Native Americans who live in our jurisdiction.



  • College Tuition Assistance-  Provides tuition assistance for tribal members who are enrolled in an accredited college.  It pays $1000.00 per semester for full time students, and $500.00 for part time students and is paid directly to the college.
  • College Textbooks and Supplies Assistance—Provides assistance to purchase books or supplies as needed for college classes.  The amount is $500.00 per semester for full time students and $250 for part time students. Payment is paid directly to the student.  Receipts are required at the end the semester from each student
  • College Living Allowance—Each full time student may receive a living allowance to help with day to day expenses to ensure that they attend classes. Examples are: gasoline, groceries, babysitter, or any other expense.  A full time student receives $800.00 for the fall semester, and $1000.00 for the spring semester. and half that amount for part time students.  No receipts are required.
  • Adult Vocational Training Assistance Grant-Tuition assistance is available for tribal members who attend vocational schools either to get a certification in a field or to take classes that will further their career. For the short-term classes, we provide up to $300, and for the certification classes, we provide $1000.00. Tuition is paid directly to the vocational school.
  • College Incentive—Upon receiving a college degree, a tribal member may receive an incentive of $1000.00.  There is only one incentive awarded for each level of degree earned.
  • 12th Grade Graduation Assistance Grant—Tribal members who are seniors in high school may apply for this grant.  The grant is to assist seniors to purchase items such as cap and gown, class ring, senior pictures, and/or announcements.  The amount is up to $500.00, and is paid directly to the vendors.
  • Tribal members who graduate high school are eligible for an incentive of $200.00.  Each student must complete an application and submit proof of graduation with a copy of their diploma, or transcript. This payment is paid to the student.
  • Tribal School Clothing Grant—Each year, tribal members have the opportunity to apply for a grant in  the amount of $250 to assist them in purchasing their children's school clothes and supplies.  The child has to be enrolled in a public or tribal school, or be home schooled in grades Pre-K through 12th grade. Parents of home schooled children have to provide proof of the children being home-schooled.  Checks are sent directly to the parent or guardian for their children’s school clothing, and receipts are required.



  • College Higher Education Grant—Assistance is for tuition only in the amount of $800.00 per semester in an accredited college for full time students, or $400.00 per students who are part time.  The funding goes directly to the college.  This same program also helps with vocational training.  Any Native American student who lives in our jurisdiction may receive tuition assistance in the amount of $300.00 for short-term classes, or up to $600.00 for certification classes.
  • Johnson O’Malley Program—JOM is administered through the education department for the (sixteen (16) schools in the Sac and Fox jurisdiction.  This grant is available to any Native American student from grades Pre-K through 12th grade with proof of tribal membership and lives in our jurisdiction.

1) Assists students who are enrolled in JOM at the beginning of the school year with a $30.00 check to help purchase school supplies.

2)  Assists in paying fees for classes that charge extra, such as Home Ec., Art, Vo-Ag, or Drama Club. It will also pay $10.00 toward a club shirt that is required.

3) Assists with paying fees and books for a high school student to take concurrent college classes while in high school.

4) The JOM program assists 12th graders up to $100 to purchase senior items, such as caps and gowns, announcements, senior pictures, or class ring.

5) The JOM programs assists students who attend academic or leadership camps during the summer.

6) The JOM program has a “JOM Fun Day” during the summer, usually around Pow-Wow time.  This is to introduce students to our program, and provide them with some fun and different activities. Although the main focus is having fun, we have motivational speakers to give them ideas for keeping fit, and making healthy snacks and lunch choices. 

7) The JOM program also assists with Native American activities that the jurisdictional schools sponsor.