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Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma Tribal Registration

The Eastern Shawnee tribe is dedicated to excellence in our journey to build the tribe of the future.

Eastern Shawnee Tribe Enrollment

To be a citizen of the Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma, you must enroll with the Vital Statistics Department. The Vital Statistics Department handles several services. For example, the department maintains birth certificate records for tribal citizens, issues Tribal ID and Photo ID cards, and maintains addresses. Newly enrolled citizens receive a membership packet containing family history, a brief tribal history and explanation of the tribal seal.


Enrollment (How to become a member of the tribe.)
When applying for citizenship with the tribe, we must have the following documents and/or information:
  • Enrollment Application
  • Family Tree Traced Back to the 1938 enrollee
  • Original State Certified Birth Certificate Indicating Eastern Shawnee Parentage
  • Social Security Number
An applicant must be able to trace family linage to an ancestor on the 1938 roll. If an applicant’s ancestor is not enrolled, then that generation must also seek citizenship. All applicants must be living.


Birth records not specifying Eastern Shawnee parentage would be required to produce blood tests, child support records, as well as parental affidavits as proof of relationship to the Eastern Shawnee parent.

If applicant is under the age of five, they shall be admitted to the tribe through monthly meetings held by the Business Committee.

If five years of age and older, they may be admitted to citizenship with General Council approval.

Enrollment may be made to adopted children who can prove, with proper documentation, their relationship to the natural parent on the roll. Citizenship cannot be made to non-Indian children adopted by Eastern Shawnee parents.

A state certified birth certificate and certified copy of the final decree of adoption showing natural parentage would be required.

Citizenship shall be granted to any child born to a member of the Eastern Shawnee Tribe and a member of any other Indian tribe who chooses to affiliate with the Eastern Shawnee tribe. However, an Indian holding equal rights in two or more tribes can share in benefits to only one (1) of them, and may be required to elect with which tribe he or she wishes to be enrolled, and to relinquish in writing his or her claim to payments from the other. In case of a minor, the parent or guardian will make the election.