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Cherokee Nation

Creating a renewed sense of hope for Cherokee Nation citizens is vital to our success.

Cherokee Nation
17675 S. Muscogee Ave.
P.O. Box 948
Tahlequah, OK 74465
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Community & Cultural Outreach

Cherokee Nation Community & Cultural Outreach


The CCO-COTTA program's mission is to assist community organizations ability to increase their effectiveness; enhance essential services to those most in need, and build upon the organizational capacity of each community, diversify resources, and create collaborations to serve those in Cherokee Communities.


Cherokee Nation is committed to building one hundred cohesive communities within ten years. By building strong communities that it will be economically capable of supporting the community members comfortably, ensuring that families are stable and that its population are both mentally and physically healthy as well as revitalizing the spirit of Ga-Du-Gi, neighbors helping neighbors.

For Cherokee Nation to obtain this vision, we have created the Community and Cultural Outreach program. The program is designed with the primary purpose to help faith-based and community-based organizations increase their effectiveness, enhance their ability to provide social services to serve those most in need, enhance the organizational capacity of each organization, diversify funding sources, and create collaborations to help better serve those in Cherokee communities.


Community and Cultural Outreach provides the following services and training in these following areas:

• Strengthening the Boards of Directors
• Establishing finance policies
• Establishing new programs and/or services
• Expanding existing services
• Diversify funding sources
• Developing grant writing skills, and
• Increasing their use of technology

Volunteer & Community Outreach
The Volunteer Program is designed to recruit and maintain volunteer personnel who contribute time and talent to the programs of Cherokee Nation, without monetary compensation. Volunteers bring added labor, community resources, community information, potential donors, and are a valuable part of the Cherokee communities to advance the survival and growth of Cherokee Nation.

Cultural Outreach
The perpetuation and preservation of our culture is a crucial part of our mission. The accurate dissemination of our history comes in many forms; presentations, demonstrations, discussions, multimedia, training, and education are some of the services we use to help and encourage Cherokees to keep our traditions, language; our culture alive.