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Governor's Report - July 2019

Hello, Tribal Members of the Absentee Shawnee Tribe!

Hope everyone has survived the serve weather we have had lately and hope
no one had any flooding problems to homes. There have been a lot of happenings here in the tribe as far as changes due to special call meetings of Secretary
Johnson. One of the changes is putting the tribe in danger with the National
Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC) which technically is not anyone’s oversite due to the Gaming Ordinance with NIGC. The Gaming Commission Department is a regulatory department and sees that it be a separation between the regulation and operation of tribal gaming activities. That is why it is necessary that there is an ordinance between tribe and NIGC. In the ordinance, it is the Governor that is named for actions to take place and not the Representative. We are not going by the ordinance and that could mean penalties or other action against the tribe. As the Governor of the Tribe, we do not want to have any attention on the Tribe from NIGC for any childish actions that the Representative is illustrating and harming the Tribe.

One other action that took place with Secretary Johnson called special meeting was the oversite of the Absentee Shawnee Police Department. Secretary
Johnson is breaking the Absentee Shawnee Law.


Section 2. Governor in Command

It is the duty of the Governor to have General Supervision of the affairs of the
Executive Committee and to perform all duties appertaining to the Office of the Governor, which duty includes the duty to see that the laws of the Absentee
Shawnee Tribe is enforced, the Governor shall be recognized as the commander of the Absentee Shawnee Tribal Police Department. The Governor shall keep informed as to the efficiency and conduct of the Tribal Police in the discharge of their duties.

The law code is being broken by Secretary Johnson. What was stated above
does not state that the Secretary is in command.

Again we as a Tribe need to get out of this 3 signature authority and should be
all 5. Being Governor the last 6 years this is a battle that is always being fought
and needless to say I have been always against 3 or 4 out of 5 members. THESE
ACTIONS HAS GOT TO STOP!!! It is only hurting our Tribe and most of all it is you, the Tribal People. Sad to say our non-Indian employees that have key
positions are utilizing this behavior for their gain of the elected officials. 

Secretary Johnson has had two of his program oversite being investigated due
to misuse spending. His own staff in his office was suspended from work due to
the investigation. 



16TH - 4:00 pm Gordon Cooper Vo-Tech Superintendent Retirement                               Reception

           7:30 pm Dale High School Graduation at the FireLake Arena 

17TH - 11:30 am Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell Legislative Luncheon Gordon Cooper               Vo-Tech

18TH - 10:00 am Elders Meeting at Golden Corral, Shawnee, Oklahoma

20TH -  9:00 am Directors Meeting

  • Present: Absentee Shawnee Housing Authority, Domestic Violence, Media,
    Social Services, Education, Police, Finance, Reality, Casino, CCDF and After
    School Program, Building Blocks III
  • NO SHOW Human Resource, Indian Child Welfare, Building Blocks II,
    Gaming Commission, Cultural Preservation, Health, OEH, Procurement

24TH - 10:00 am Special Executive Meeting called by the Secretary, Treasurer,               and Representative

27TH - Memorial Day Tribal Office Closed

30TH - 10:30 am Bacone College, Ferlin Clark, President


1ST -   10:00 am Community Meeting

3RD -   9:00 am United Indian Nations of Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas Meeting,             OKC

4TH -   11:30 am Meeting with Chairman Pacheco, Kickapoo Tribe

5TH -   Sovereignty Symposium – OKC

6TH -   Sovereignty Symposium – OKC

14TH - CTSA Board Meeting – Absentee Shawnee Tribe Governor Conference                   Room

17TH - 9:00 am Directors Meeting

  • Present: Domestic Violence, Media, Casino, Court, Education, Enrollment,
    Absentee Shawnee Housing Authority, CCDF and After School Program,
    Building Blocks III, Title VI, Gaming Commission, Social Service, Maintenance, Lt. Governor Blanchard and Governor
  • NO SHOW: Human Resource, Finance, Reality, Police, Cultural Preservation,
    Procurement, OEH, Indian Child Welfare, Health, MIS, Secretary, Treasurer,


For those families who may have lost a loved one this month, I offer my sincere condolences to you and your family on your loss.


I APPRECIATE Tribal Members that have come by my office or called with their concerns. My door is open unless I am in a meeting or attending a meeting elsewhere. My office is open and not behind locked doors.

Help me make a difference and stand beside me and let us Build for the Future (BFF).


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