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We are historic builders, of quality structure and quality lives

The beginning of the new year offers us time to reflect on the past and make plans for a bright future for ourselves and our families.  The beginning of this new decade also allows us time to review our tribal accomplishments and to look over our Chickasaw Nation road map to the future.

Our tribe has continued its aggressive pace to add and improve programs and services for citizens and to build new facilities and enhance those already in existence.   It is important to note that our "bricks and mortar" projects are much more than simple buildings.  We are builders because the facilities we construct or acquire lead to the improvement of services and efficiency of delivering those services.  They are important assets that allow us to do our jobs more efficiently and provide quality access to Chickasaw citizens.

A prime example is our Chickasaw Nation Medical Center in Ada.  The medical center was actually dedicated in 2010.  It's hard to believe it has been 10 years! Since that year, we have continued to improve the core facility and add new components to support important programs and services.  Patients, caregivers, and actual care flow much more efficiently.  Among the recent additions and improvements in the medical center pharmacy operation, now enlarged and offering excellent access.  Our pharmacy fills a tremendous number of prescriptions every day.  The enhanced facility offers much-improved flow and customer service.

Our real estate assets are critical to supporting the programs and services on which our citizens rely each day.  One of our biggest and most successful programs in education.  Our tribe is and has always been, fully dedicated to Chickasaw education.  We believe, and have always believed, quality education is fundamentally important to the success and happiness of our Chickasaw families.  The Chickasaw Nation each year invests more resources than ever before in education programs to benefit the full range of Chickasaw students.  From our Head Start students to our postdoctoral academics, our tribe offers tremendous levels of support.

We have built many classrooms, study centers, computer labs, libraries, administrative offices and more in support of our education outreach.  Those physical structures provide the necessary environment for access to a wide range of educational opportunities.

Our tribe provides an ever-expanding menu of scholarships, grants, stipends, and support for equipment, books, and other essential items.  Whether a Chickasaw is a young child or a mature adult, the Chickasaw is a young child or a mature adult, the Chickasaw Nation is investing in their education.  We know a good education drives personal success, and we are all about helping Chickasaws enjoy the benefits of success!

We have also dedicated millions in resources to additional health care programs, housing initiatives, employment opportunities, career development, and much more.  The Chickasaw Nation has built health care facilities, homes, offices, administrative centers, conference centers, and so much more in support of our important investments in you, your family and your fellow Chickasaws.  Its important Chickasaws have the proper tools to achieve their goals and dreams.

As we have expanded our facilities, programs, and services, our Chicksaw Nation businesses have stayed on course and become highly productive.  By strategically reinvesting in our businesses and sticking with our conservative business model, we have attracted new customers.  Our facilities continue to expand and offer excellent products, services, and experiences our customers seek.

Our valued employees are dedicated to delivering great service.  That dedication has produced an ever-increasing customer population and growing financial returns.

For the fiscal year that began October 1, our businesses are experiencing exceptional growth and producing resources that continue to drive our critically important programs and services for Chickasaws.  We are now setting records for productivity, net income, and total business.

Together, as one of the most progressive tribes in the country, we are lying the strong foundation - in both physical facilities and programs and services - that will serve our people well for many generations.

Best wishes for a successful, satisfying, and very happy 2020!


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