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Native America Tribal Nation Mini-Lesson: Seminole Nation

Today we are going to learn a little about the Seminole nation!

The Seminole Nation of Oklahoma's ancestral lands are in Florida. During the Second Seminole War of the 1830s, 3,000 Seminole and 500 Black Seminole were forced to move to Oklahoma.

The Black Seminole were freed slaves who joined the Muscogee Creek Confederacy and became close allies with the Natives in the Florida territory. Once settled in Oklahoma, the Great Seminole Nation was established on their reservation.

The Seminole people reside in Seminole Country in Oklahoma and covers 633 square miles. The Seminole people today have 3 operating gaming casinos, 3 gas stations, smoke shops, and a truck stop. They are also heavily involved in their cultural ceremonies.

The Green Corn ceremony, as well as the other ceremonies, they commit to dancing, fasting, medicine taking, work, and other ritual activities. During Green Corn ceremony, strained relationships among the tribe are to be reconciled and members are expected to forgive the wrongs that occurred during the year. The Green Corn ceremony marks the beginning of the new year for the Seminole people.





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