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Chief Announces Election Date Saturday, November 3, 2018

Kula Malsi hach LenapeOk,

How are my Delaware tribal members and friends?
We are in the busiest season of this year with the Delaware Tribal Election
scheduled for November 3. Seats up for election include: Chief, three (3) Tribal
Council seats, three (3) Trust Board seats, and three (3) Tribal Justice seats.

I plead with all adult voting tribal members to request your absentee ballot and vote for the candidate of your choice in this election. Four years ago over 1,100 absentee ballots went out and only an approximate 750 tribal members voted, in 2016 only 650 tribal members voted, and in 2017 special election only 550 tribal members voted. You, tribal members, will recall that several years ago
election rules were organized in such a way that any voter who had voted in
any one of the last three elections would automatically receive a ballot and that
of course, any registered tribal member could walk in and vote. Since only 750
of the original 1100 ballots that went out in 2014 voted that caused a large drop in the number of absentee ballots that will be received this year. Therefore, I plead with anybody that received a ballot and did not vote in any of these elections for the four years to please send in your request for an absentee ballot and support your tribe in voting for your candidate of choice for each of these tribal offices. For those who walk in and vote, the polls will be open at the Community Center from 9 A.M. until 1 P.M.

The following Saturday, November 10. General Council will be held in Forsythe
Hall at the Delaware Community Center, beginning with lunch at 1 P.M.
and the swearing-in of newly elected officials will be the first item of business.
Please attend, visit with your relatives, and conduct the business of the tribe appropriately.

Chet Brooks
(918) 337-6527■

2018 Delaware Tribe Election Board
Elaine Clinton — Chair
Tonya Anna
Leslie Donnell
Bonita McGrew

Contact Information:
Delaware Election Board
P.O. Box 1198
Bartlesville, OK 74005
Telephone #: (918) 337-

List of Candidates for Election
Chet Brooks
Paula Pechonick
John Thomas

Tribal Council:
Bonnie Jo Griffith
Jeremy Johnson
Brad Kills Crow
Nicky Kay Michael, PhD
Homer Scott, Jr.
Roger Stewart

Trust Board:
Joe Brooks
Homer Scott, Jr.

Tribal Judge:
Cameron Fraser
Linda Kills Crow

Tribal election Date: Saturday, November 3, 2018
General Council: Saturday, November 10,


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