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From The Desk of The Chief - January

Wëli Newiyal! Lenape.
I sincerely hope that you have had a wonderful holiday season and report that our tribe looks forward to accomplishing much in 2019. We closed out 2018 with tribal elections and I am honored to have been reelected as Chief for another four years. Council member Nicky Michael was elected to a second term. Brad Kills Crow and Jeremy Johnson were elected to four-year terms on the Tribal Council. Homer Scott and Joe Brooks were reelected to four-year terms on the Delaware Trust Board. Cami Fraser and Linda Kills Crow were elected tribal justices. Since the election the Tribal Council has appointed Charles Randall as assistant chief; Nathan H. Young IV, secretary; and Joe Brooks, treasurer. The official election board returns are posted on this page. I congratulate all the newly elected officials and give my condolences to those who lost.

This election was earmarked by low voter participation of only 561 voters compared to the election four years ago which had 725 voters. Please exercise your right to vote in future elections.

This year we will have a Cultural Night every second Tuesday of each month at the Delaware Community Center, a stomp dance March 23rd at the Dewey Oklahoma Fairgrounds, the Delaware Pow-wow the last weekend of May at Copan, and Delaware Days the last weekend of September at Copan.

Due to the fact that four of the seven council members do not live locally, the Tribal Council has resolved to have our regularly scheduled monthly council meeting on the third Saturday of each month at 2 pm in the Delaware Community Center in Bartlesville.

All departments of the tribe are well staffed with good employees and will continue their services to tribal members in housing, community services, education, family and children services, environmental and enrollment. The cultural resources department is in the process of remodeling our social services building to be used exclusively as a learning center, library, gift shop, and for cultural resource activities. Delaware Child Care is in the process of opening a new head start program upon completion of the building in April.

I am optimistic that we can achieve economic development progress within the next four years.

Chet Brooks
Chief, Delaware Tribe of Indians


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