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A Message from the Chair: Second Quarter

Hawe'Kaa'Nze Nikashi'Nga

Greetings from the office of the Chair.  I hope this newsletter finds you in good health and spirits.

Due to the recent resignation of Chair Jacque Hensley I have assumed the position of Chair of Kaw Nation.  An interim chair will be selected from the floor at the General Council meeting per the constitution.  I will then resume my position as Vice Chair.

I am pleased to report the Nation is financially stable and running smoothly.  The gift shop has been moved to the library and is doing a very good business with summer and powwow season arriving.  The gift shop will be open on Saturday during the powwow so go check out the new items.

Kaw Nation was instrumental in bringing the five Chilocco tribes together to restore the cemetery grounds and repair the road.  A grant has been received at no cost to Kaw Nation to build a monument memorializing the children who perished while attending school.  The Chilocco alumni was very appreciative of the efforts made by all.

Along the same note, I am glad that Kaw Nation was able to bring home one of their elders from an out of state burial location.  The young ones do not remember Ted Thompson but I hope you will get to know him through the article presented in this issue.

We are excited that Kaw Nation will once again operate a daycare at the White Plume addition.  Certified child development teachers are in place and set for an opening of July 9th. There are many happy children attending the CCDF summer program.  Transportation is now provided for children living in Ponca City with a central pick up each morning at Lowes. 

The clinic expansion is closer to realization.  Plans are 95% complete, all surveys have been done and the groundbreaking shovels should come out the end of August.  Additions are a pharmacy drive-up window, more exam rooms, separate pharmacy waiting area, and in-house x-ray.  Oklahoma City area office approved the provision of $179,730 to purchase x-ray equipment.

The Nation has received many good comments about the installation of gas pumps at Southwind Express.  Unfortunately, the CNG is not operable due to low pressure from Kaw City.

September 9, 2018, is a very important date.  Elections will be held for the Chair, Secretary, and two council positions.  The last day to order absentee ballots is August 10, 2018.  All absentee ballots must be received by September 8.  Please make your voice heard.  All too often people do not use their right to vote and then complain when decisions are made that are not to their liking.  Know your candidates.  What looks good on paper does not always show the personality or integrity of the person.

In closing, be kind to your elders and those less fortunate.  That is an expectation of our Creator.

WitoNbe ta mi'Nkhe


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