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From the Office of Pawnee Nation


First of all, let me thank the Pawnee people for electing me as your President. Service to the Public has been my career for over 36 years, and I shall lead with a servants’ heart. The Pawnee people’s well-being will be firmly at the forefront of my mind guiding every decision. It is an honor to serve in the leadership of our great Nation and join the past presidents and chiefs who have safeguarded the Pawnee Tribe. To everyone: Thank you.
I was elected to serve all Pawnee People, and I take that charge very seriously. While elections can be divisive, I am calling on all sides to come together so that we may move the tribe forward. I have been elected in a period where the tribe has lost millions of dollars, and millions more must be accounted for. I ran on accountability and transparency, and I have been diligent in my word by exposing corruption at the PTDC as bad actors have tried to cover it up. They will be held accountable. All is not doom and gloom. Like a sickness, corruption must be isolated and removed. As a Nation, we will deal with our issues and move forward. 
I have plans and ideas to make the tribe more efficient. I have called on the PBC to pass employee protections and whistleblower act. The tribe can increase efficiency, which will provide more funds to better serve Pawnees. 
I have plans to make it easier or Pawnees to apply for and attain employment with the Nation and any subsidiary.  I also plan to begin some serious discussions with the Housing Authority to begin to build new affordable homes for Pawnees. 
I appreciate your vote of confidence; the future is bright for the Pawnee Nation.
Thank you,

- Jimmy Whiteshirt


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