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President's Message - August 24th


Greetings from the office of the President.
It’s that time of the year! Homecoming is just around the corner. I know it’s always a busy time of the year, getting ready to make the trek to Pawnee and make the rounds to visit with family and friends. I know our Pawnee Indian Veterans Committee has been busy getting ready for this 2018 Homecoming and for all the Pawnees who will be coming home. We can drive down to the football field and smell all the cooking fires going and see the different booths with arts and crafts, jewelry, t-shirts, snow-cones and all kinds of foods. We will see all of the folding chairs set up for the different families and friends. Dancers and singers will come from various distances to dance and sing. All this will take place under the various flags of the service men and women who have gone on to that better place. Yes, it’s time for Homecoming! If you can make it back, welcome home! If you can’t, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family while you’re away.
The Pawnee Nation will continue to have activities during the Homecoming. Various offices will be open to assist you in any business that you may have. Our Health Fair will be happening again during the Homecoming week. There will be other activities occurring so please check this Chaticks, Homecoming booklet and the Pawnee Chief as well as our Pawnee Nation website for more information.
The Tribe continues to move ahead as our Nation continues to conduct business every day. The Administration under Trump had recommended close to a billion dollars in cuts to all Native American Programs, but through advocacy and sweat, we were able to get significant gains in all our programs. I was especially pleased with the increases in the IHS budget (500 million), as I am on the Budget Formulation Committee and serve as co-chair. It takes a great effort from Tribal leaders and those who work tirelessly to keep abreast of the changes which may affect Indian Country. We must stay engaged on the National and State levels with all of the attacks on our Sovereignty and Programs. The Pawnee Nation is leading the fight against the FCC, fracking companies and opioids. We have cases in court that helps protect our rights and helps us secure our future. I am thankful for the abilities of our staff and the excellent work they do for our people. The Pawnee Nation is known as leaders in the efforts of protecting our people and environment.
Please take time to stop me at the Homecoming and let’s talk. I have always had an open door policy for all the Pawnee people. Our Council folks will also be around to listen and share ideas. It always makes me feel good when I’m in Pawnee, the surrounding area or in other parts of the country, to hear the word: Nowa… It tells me that a Tribal member is near. It says, I’m Pawnee, and I’m glad to see you. It’s a unique and a wonderful greeting. Let’s say it many times over during this Homecoming time.
Have a great time in Pawnee!

- W. Bruce Pratt


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