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This massive, searchable list of data includes the name of each celebrity tribute band, the typical buying price, and the name of the original entertainer they cover. This list includes tributes to artists like Taylor Swift, Elton John, Tracey Chapman, and more.

Oh so much more.

There are thousands or perhaps even hundreds of thousands of different tribute bands that exist in the United States and all across the world. So please be patient as we attempt to add all of them to our list. 

Anyway, this price list was created to help you determine what act is right for your space and to help you determine how much you might be charged to hire them. Now, at SEG  we have worked with countless tribute bands and have received more than one quote for the same type of act. Tribute bands are like National touring acts, sometimes the price will fluctuate based on travel time, duration of the show and other determining factors. 

In general tribute band pricing will go up depending on which of the four following categories your performance date(s) fall into:

  1. Local dates 
  2. Regional dates
  3. National dates
  4. International dates

Let’s face it, everyone knows someone who is part of a tribute band that practices in their garage and performs at local bars sporadically throughout the year in their hometown. 

If you were wondering how much money they make, or how much to offer them to play at your event, casino or theatre, wonder no more. Just take a look at our tribute bands’ price list below.

Now we know this price list isn’t all-encompassing but it does have a decent variety of well-known tribute bands that we’ve worked with and know can be viable in your event space. We encourage anyone with updated information or new tribute bands to email us their name and price point so we can add them to our directory. This is a tribute band price list but it could also be used as a tribute bands directory.

Just send us your tribute band name, the name of the original entertainer they cover, and how much it would cost to hire them to perform in a 1,000 seat venue for 90 minutes. We will gladly update our tribute band price list end directory with your information as a resource to other Talent buyers in the industry. Additionally, if you have other tribute bands that you would like to recommend that you don’t perform in, feel free to send those as well. At Seattle Entertainment Group we support all tribute bands even if we don’t represent them directly. Especially in these times where very few venues are operational and the pandemic has stunted everyone’s growth. We are tribute band Advocates which is why we created this directory and price list.


  • We do not represent all of these tribute bands
  • The quoted prices may be older or slightly skewed based on the venue or event quoted
  • SEG is a tribute booking agency – Which means we manage talent and route bands at a discounted rate
  • This directory and price list is a tool for you to reference – Remember prices are negotiable 
  • We are always updating this list – Like every day

We want you to be successful as a venue. This means we often are willing to offer insight and advice at no charge. Especially if you are a tribal casino. Our goal is to help as many tribal casinos as we can. In fact, that is our number one company objective. 

If you are a tribal casino in need of tribute entertainment information, reach out any time.

Why does this price list matter? For the average person, it doesn’t. But I am guessing if you are reading this, you are an above-average person. And if that is the case, let me explain some of the reasons you should be paying attention to tribute bands. 


On average, tribute bands earn 85% more per concert versus national talent in a 1,000 seat venue. This means for every 1000 tickets sold, our quality tribute bands are producing 40% more in profit per sold-out event. What is the final math here? Let’s take a quick look at it. If a venue hires Aaron Lewis for $55,000 and sells tickets at $45, $55, and $60 the profits could be right around $70,000. 

Scenario 1 = Exoense $55,000 – Sales $70,000 – Profit $15,000

Let’s take that same example to compare it to the sales results that our high-quality tribute bands produce. Let’s say you hire one of our tribute bands for $12,500 and sell the same 1000 tickets for a flat of $35 (which is absolutely reasonable). The sales generated would be about $50,000. As you can see the expense is almost 80% lower and the profit is proportionally higher if you hire the right tribute bands versus a national touring act. 

Scenario 2 = Expense $12,500 – Sales $50,000 – Profit $37,500

There are countless other reasons your tribal casino should be hiring tribute bands. For starters, it helps lower your entertainment program’s risk overall. The occasional smattering of tribute entertainment offsets the risk because you aren’t swinging for the fences every time and trying to make $50,00, $70,000, or even $100,000 in ticket sales to cover the cost of hiring the national act. And that’s not even including production costs which are often 15% or 20% of what you paid for the act on top of the talent fee. The point is we know all of the reasons hiring a tribute band is beneficial but more important we have a directory and tribute bands price list to help you decide what act looks, sounds, and provides the most value for your casino’s money. 

And yes, most of them have super silly names that mock the original entertainers. My personal favorite? That’s easy – “Big Dick” the Little Richard tribute. 

I like this tribute band name because it is unforgettable, in your face and fun. Just how I like it.


A good tribute band will recreate the original performance of the entertainer they are covering.  Nearly all of the high-quality tribute bands mentioned in this directory will dress and act in the part for the duration of your event. Tribute bands will perform a set of music that sounds like the original band but at a lower cost compared to what the original artist would charge. 

Most of the time the tribute band you higher also agreed to do a meet and greet or after show grip-and-grin. Sure the tribute entertainers are less famous in most cases than the original band but that doesn’t mean your patrons are any less excited to meet them. In a tribal Casino setting any additional perks you can offer the VIPs we’re being comped to the show is considered added value especially if they are the only group able to access the added privilege.

Basically, perception is everything. Even though meeting a tribute band is less desirable than a national entertainer it still carries merit if the VIPs are the only group allowed to meet them. Nearly all tribute bands are flexible. They will allow your Casino gamblers to watch soundcheck, take pictures on stage, and get signed memorabilia. Of course, these aren’t the only things tribute bands will agree to. We’ve also asked these celebrity look-alikes to walk the casino floor before and after the show to capture interest and encourage people to share their pictures on social media. You name it and we’ve asked the tribute band to do it or have included it in their asking price during the booking process.


The tribute bands listed on this price list and tribute band directory will play in almost any venue.  There are some exclusions of course. Similar to the counterparts they cover, tribute bands prefer to have a suitable space to display their talents. This Is important for several reasons. But mainly, all tribute bands want to make sure you get the most out of their performance. 

The most common venues for tribute bands are below:

  1. Tribal & non-tribal casinos 
  2. Theatres
  3. Private events/parties 
  4. Corporate ballroom events
  5. Indoor/Outdoor weddings venues

Of course, there are countless other venues that tribute bands play in but these are the most common for a reason. It is because events in these spaces happen year around. 


Finding the right tribute band is easier than you think. Sometimes watching a YouTube video is enough while other times it’s not. To us selecting the right tribute band is not just about the price tag. If you want to find the best tribute for your event you will have to consider many different factors. Among the top three are visual appeal, audible accuracy, and financial or monetary value. It would also help to have a conversation with any relevant references. 

If you’re booking a tribute band for a wedding you should talk to other wedding planners who have used the band you’re considering. It’s important to connect with relevant venues because you may not get the information you want if you contact a tribal casino and ask questions that relate to your wedding event.  If you really want to find the best tribute band for your event you should probably reference our price list before you connect with the tribute band you’re interested in. This will help you determine alternatives and a rough starting point for your negotiations.

Sometimes finding the right tribute band requires you to search outside of the country. And in these cases, we recommend working with an established tribute booking agent. A lot of times working with a third party to book tribute entertainment is beneficial because they have multiple venues and a better understanding of how to leverage routing to save you money. This isn’t always the case though. It’s mostly beneficial to work with a tribute booking agent because the paperwork and amount of effort to book international shows can be overwhelming. 

If your tribal casino is long to book an international tribute band, call us before making the final decision. We know how to find comparable alternatives, leverage routing, and often even lower the price if you are committed to a specific international tribute band.


The most profitable tribute bands can be found in our tribute bands directory. We have seen the best and the worst tribute bands in the world. What we are trying to say is, we have vetted more tribute bands than any other tribal-owned entertainment company. Our hope is that in doing so, you will save money, time and precious energy while locating the tribute bands you wish to hire. 

If you are a tribal casino looking for insight, we offer initial consultations at no cost. We provide in-depth insight into tribute bands, casino talent buying, production sourcing, entertainment program management, and more. We are directly connected to more tribute bands than any other tribal casino entertainment company and our relationships are stronger because we care about adding value, not just our bottom line.

This is why we are so passionate about creating casino entertainment content. We know casino entertainment is about more than booking talent or tribute bands. It’s about adding value to people’s lives. 



Led Zeppelin is probably the most common type of tribute band. There are hundreds of different Led Zeppelin tribute bands but only a few of these tributes are making a living from their craft.

Basically, tributes to Led Zeppelin are a dime a dozen. Very few can actually achieve the look, sound, and novelty of groups like No Quarter – honoring the Led Zeppelin Legacy. This tribute supergroup is in a class of its own. No Quarter performs regionally, nationally, and internationally in some of the most prestigious venues across the world. Nor Quarter has sold over $1 million tickets and continues to fill venues even during the pandemic, albeit at reduced capacity. Take a look at their promo video below and you will see how well these guys recreate the Led Zeppelin stage show.


Janis Joplin is a popular performer but there aren’t that many tributes to her in the casino-entertainment marketplace. 

Janis Lives is the only tribute to Janis Joplin performing regularly in tribal casinos across the country. Sherry (who performs as Janis) is known as the best Janis impersonator in the world. Not even the Broadway production “A Night with Janis Joplin ” compares to the quality of Janis Lives. At a fraction of the cost, Janis Lives is the go-to resource for local, regional and international tours because the production costs are minimal and the ticket sales are profitable. Janis lives will sell upwards of $25,000 – $30,000 in ticket and is typically booked under $15,000 (depending on routing, travel distance, venue size, and set time). We guarantee you’ll at least double your money in sales. Take a look at Janis Lives current promo reel below.


Bon Jovi is the second most popular tribute bands anywhere. And it’s for good reason. Groups like Non-Jovi engage a wide variety of demographics. It appeals to gamblers, housewives, businessmen, and families all across the world. Non-Jovi is a high-energy tribute band that covers all of the hits from the legendary arena rock band, Bon Jovi. This tribute entertainment is a perfectly dynamic interpretation that embodies the music, spirit, and live show of Bon Jovi. Take a look below at a sample of their music.


High-quality Alice In Chains tribute bands are few and far between. The better ones that exist sell hard tickets though, and we mean a lot of tickets. The average gross for AIC tribute bands is around $37,000 per show. Layne Staley is still one of the most remembered rock and roll singers of all time. Because of this, the novelty of hearing his vocals recreated is undeniably desirable. Men, women, and people of all ages flock to these tribute bands because of the nostalgic appeal and approachable ticket prices. Take a look below at the Jar OF Flies – the ultimate Alice In Chains Tribute promo reel.


In some cases you’ll never be able to hire the original Entertainer you’re hoping for. We all know Led Zeppelin will probably never tour again, The Beatles will never get back together and Nine Inch Nails has called it quits on touring. Luckily there are a plethora of talented tribute bands who can provide a similar experience for your Casino guests. The best part is, you don’t have to spend your entire casino entertainment budget on one show to provide a similar appeal for your gaming patron. 

Not to mention the days of overpaying for talent are slowly fading away. The coronavirus pandemic has rocked the industry and casino concert venues or anything but excited to jump back into the deep end and overspend on national talent that wasn’t producing profitable ticket sales. Besides, what casino would want to spend over $140,000 on Smokey Robinson nowadays? I don’t think there is a venue in operation that is willing to spend that kind of money if they knew he was only likely to sell less than $30,000 in tickets. 

And believe me, I have seen it happen more than once. Smokey puts on a decent show, but he doesn’t sell tickets. I promise you losing $100,000 in ticket sales cannot be offset by gaming revenue even if you comped all of the remaining seats in your venue. If you don’t believe me, hire Smokey Robinson for your casino. 

If you are starting to think that I may know what I am talking about, hire me. I will guide your entertainment program into profitability with a variety of tried and true tactics that will propel your casino entertainment program into profitability. Tribute bands will be an integral part of my strategy if you were wondering.


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