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Cherokee Nation Chief Bill John Baker Fundraiser at Grand Lake, Oklahoma

Grand Lake fundraising reception for Cherokee Chief Bill John Baker was hosted this evening by Mike and Cari Williams, Chuck and Victoria Perry, Rusty and Lynda Fleming, Art and June Box, Rodney Ray, The Wayne Crouse family, Stephen Coslik, Jim Richie. 

The gathering started off around 5pm with a social hour, celebrated with appetizers and drinks. There were many Grand Lakers in attendance to support Chief Bill John Baker for the upcoming election. After the many hugs of friends, and introductions of new friends Chief Bill John Baker spoke to the crowd about the many accomplishments he and his team have made during the last four years at Cherokee Nation. As stated in the invitation In just a few short years, Chief Baker has demonstrated extraordinary leadership and business acumen as Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation.  His accomplishments have already had, and will continue to have, considerable impact on the Grand Lake economy and our quality of life. 

The accomplishment list is quite impressive and has made quite the impact not only at Grand Lake but throughout Oklahoma. 

One of our favorite parts of the night? The Chief brought his mother along; Dr. Isabel Baker. She was kind enough to ask us to take a photo of herself and the Chief. It was an honor as Dr. Baker is one of the nicest, down to earth women that you can tell has earned her way in this world through hard work and dedication. The chief is truly blessed with a wonderful leader in his own family, and as Dr. Baker listened to her son the Chief speak you could see the proud, smiling mom excited about not only the accomplishments her son has made but the man he has become in helping all of Cherokee Nation become what it is today. 

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