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Tribal Administrator

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Job Description:

Under the Direction of the PRCI Tribal Council, the Tribal Administrator is responsible for the overall tribal management including Administration, Financial Management, Human Resources, and program/project management. The Tribal Administrator provides support and guidance to all tribal programs including cultural, youth and education, emergency services, environmental protection, housing, ICWA, and social services, economic development, and other contracted and/or grant programs. The TA works together with the Tribal Council to carry out the goals and objectives of the Tribal Council, which governs the PRCI Tribe. Tribal Administrator will be responsible for preparing contracts, supervising and assigning tasks to staff, Coordinating resources, reviewing and revising documents, conducting meetings, oversight of all tribal Fiscal
and budgetary accounts.

1. Supervises the manages current government-funded program s in accordance with federal, state, and tribal guidelines in an efficient manner, meeting all obligations and requirements of contracts. Current programs include Elderly Services, Natural and Cultural Resources, ICWA, Education, Enrollment, Grants, and Finance.
2. Establish goals and objectives for each department and provide the leadership that ensures each
Department is being managed to meet and accomplish their goals and objectives. Maintain
Progress reports and assists departments to meet their objectives.
3. Knowledge of PRCI policies recommends policy changes for Human Resources to keep Tribal
Personnel policies up to date, Recruits, interviews, and recommends the hiring of key personnel.
4. Prepares and implements the Tribal Administration annual budget and approves subsequent

Job Description
Tribal Administrator

Modifications, monitors, and evaluates assigned department and program budgets. Assures that general Fund programs, indirect cost proposals, and contract and grant proposals are submitted in compliance with Tribal and Federal guidelines.

5. Coordinates an administrative review process for all approved grants to ensure managers and directors Submit financial and program reports to Federal agencies in a timely and efficient manner. Assists in Negotiations of Tribal council approved contracts, grants agreements, and contracts for services or leases.
6. Effectively manage the tribal budget process to ensure the submission of program budgets. Ensures that budgets meet the goals and objectives of each department.
7. Provides reports regularly to the Tribal Chairperson concerning the status of all
assignments, duties, projects, and functions of the various programs and activities, assists in establishing program objectives and meeting deadlines, prepare contracts, budgets, reports, and other support documents as needed.
8. Review, recommend necessary changes, provide training, and ensure implementation and equal application of all laws and policies related to Employment, Drug-free Workplace, Sexual Harassment, and other policies of the Picayune Rancheria. Conduct Provide leadership that creates a positive work environment; facilitate conflict resolution and negotiations to create a win/win situation whenever possible.
9. Conduct professional and personal life in a manner that protects and promotes the values and laws of the Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians and enhances the reputation of the Tribe. Protect the Picayune Rancheria’s assets.
10. Completes other duties as assigned by Tribal Council.

Contact Information:

Daniel Aguayo
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Phone: 559.840.3454

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