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Geographic Information System (GIS) Coordinator

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Job Description:

The Geographic Information System (GIS) Coordinator determines the Nations need for GIS layers and data sets. Generates the more complex reports and mapping tables, extracts data and creates visual presentations and maps. Provides guidance and support related to ArcGIS for various departments within the Osage Nation including, Real Estate Services, Roads, Natural Resources, Historic Preservation, Accounting, Information Technology, Emergency Management, Grants, Strategic Planning and the Broad Band Project.

Performs consultation and research to determine common and unique requirements, to recommend standardized resource base data terms and elements for uniform identification by all users and to select and develop a system design to service users individually or as a group. GIS maps and layers are used by the various departments to track the Nations assets, identify lands, types of ownership, historical data, environmental data, jurisdictional boundaries and support statistical needed for grants and other funding applications.

Conducts routine and compliance field inspections and investigations to ensure compliance with Osage Nation requirements. Prepares detailed plans and specifications for the structural phases of soil conservation, flood control, irrigation, drainage projects, and fencing. Assist Osage landowners with noxious weed program and general surface leasing requirements.


Osage Nation
627 Grandview
Pawhuska OK 74056

Contact Information:

Osage Nation Human Resources
239 W 12th St.
Pawhuska, Oklahoma 74056
Phone: 1.918.287.5609
Fax: 918.287.5563
Job Link:

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