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ALCU Affiliate EDIB Internship Announcement Priority Deadline March 22nd

We are hiring two summer interns to join our team (Affiliate EDIB) at the ACLU! The positions are paid, remote, and open to undergrad or graduate students. Interns will be involved in strategic conversations relevant to equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging at a Nationwide scale. Interns will research and build cutting-edge projects relevant to EDIB to support a culture of learning and growth. The Affiliate EDIB Team serves as a knowledgeable consultant, thoughtful advisor, advocate, and catalyst for change - helping to create and deliver institutional resources that further ACLU and affiliates’ EDIB programs and goals.

Students apply here:


Benefits to Interns (Resource Here)

Internships are a rewarding learning experiences that help guide future decisions and professional growth. Internships provide opportunities for students to apply what they have learned in school to the work setting and vice versa. Specifically, internships:

  • Offer relevant work experience
  • Provide a real-life context for issues they are studying about in school
  • Aid in developing specific skills like resume building, work readiness skills, and soft skills
  • Help students evaluate potential career fields
  • Assist with building a professional network

Compensation: If students do not receive school credit for their internship, they receive a stipend. If they get a partial stipend (less than $6,500 for undergrads or less than $7,500 for grad students), we will make up the difference to reach the full amount. Interns are paid on the same schedule as ACLU employees. We are paid mid-month and end of month. 

Experience and Qualifications

This internship is open to all graduate students, and undergraduate students who will have completed their second year of college before the internship commences. Interns should possess the following: 

  • Experience assisting in administrative tasks either in an office setting or preferably a non-profit 
  • Knowledge of current EDIB landscape preferred  
  • Ability to adapt to new technologies such as resource banks 
  • Highly organized with strong attention to detail 
  • Proficiency with Excel and PowerPoint (Microsoft programs) 
  • Ability to contribute innovative ideas and ability to take ownership of projects and assignments 
  • Ability to take initiative, think creatively, problem-solve, and work well under deadline 
  • Written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills 
  • Ability to work independently in a remote environment as well as within a team 
  • Hungry to learn, curious to ask questions, and a desire to engage in exploration individually as well as being part of a team 
  • Commitment to the mission of the ACLU 

EDIB Internship Roles and Responsibilities 

Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to the following: 

  • Write correspondences to stakeholders across the nationwide organization 
  • Analyze data and create reports 

o   Specific project assignments including research, data collection, and creation of report 

o   Focused on priority programming and learning community effectiveness 

  • Create of PowerPoint decks, synthesizing data for various audiences 
  • Participate in critical meetings with ACLU affiliate staff and board members, draft follow-up summary and communications  
  • Maintain and organize resource banks, assist in updating the HUB ACLU Intranet site to effectively communicate EDIB programs and tools 

o   Topics of interest are facilitating difficult conversations, building trusting relationships at work, allyship and anti-oppression, restorative workplace practice, inclusive decision-making in the workplace 

  • Assist in coordinating series of learning calls and webinars  
  • Work closely with program associate to support staff across the organization to promote awareness, ownership, accountability and sustainability of EDIB initiatives 
  • Assist in project management of the Restorative Inclusion and Inclusive Decision-Making programs 
  • Organize learning communities and virtual convenings/conferences of ACLU Affiliates 
  • Administrative tasks related to supporting EDIB unit function and effectiveness 
  • Other projects as assigned 


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