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BIOTECH Savvy Promotes Sustainable Living Reducing CF with Compost Recycler

SANTA FE, N.M. — BIOTECHSavvy is a certified HomeBiogas U.S. distributor of the developed second-generation waste recycling HomeBiogas 2.0 (HBG) system. The system amazingly converts food waste and animal manure to biogas and fertilizer by utilizing naturally-occurring bacteria. The HBG is an easy-to-use waste-recycling unit, requiring minimum maintenance. It comes in a box and includes all required components such as pipes and cooking stove.

The HBG could be our best bet at combating climate change by reducing organic waste and fossil fuel use.  This groundbreaking technology is designed to recycle existing carbon (food waste and manure) instead of depleting our fossil resources. The HBG recycler helps to protect our environment through composter recycling which reduces greenhouse gas emissions. It has been estimated that one HBG system can reduce carbon emission by up to 6 tons per year. Most importantly the recycler can lower our energy bills by utilizing the biogas produced by the composter. In addition, it produces fertilizer that can be used for garden or lawn. COMPOST + BIOGAS + FERTILIZER.

The HBG recycling composter gives families, businesses, and farmers the ability to transition to sustainable living by utilizing an alternative green energy resource. This transition is not only good for sustainability purposes but also leads to more savings.  BIOTECH Savvy’s goal is to increase public awareness on utilizing the HBG system in our communities and educate on the direct impact HBG owners can have in helping heal Mother Earth by preserving wastelands and reducing carbon footprint.


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