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Grand Nation Hosting Laundry Love Event in Vinita Monday, Dec 11th and 18th

Grand Nation Hosting Laundry Love Event in Vinita Monday, Nov. 20

Doing laundry is a very basic, but important necessity of life. However, for those living on a very limited budget, washing clothes can be a financial hardship. A pile of dirty laundry means making a choice.

So, when a budget is stretched tight covering rent, utilities and food, laundry often falls to the bottom of the list.

Understanding that for some people a handful of quarters to do laundry can make a big difference, Grand Nation has partnered with the national Laundry Love initiative, which provides regular opportunities to help people who are struggling financially by assisting them with doing their laundry.

On Monday, Dec 11th & 18th, members of the nonprofit grassroots coalition will be doing laundry for 25 families from 6 to 8 p.m., at Laundry Express, in Vinita.

Available on a first-come, first-served basis, Grand Nation will provide the soap, dryer sheets and the money to wash and dry two loads of laundry per family.

Grand Nation’s Laundry Love project gives families the option to redirect their limited funds toward food and other basic, everyday necessities without having to sacrifice clean clothes.

“Laundry Love is about helping people feel better about themselves,”  said Christin Baker, a resource specialist with Grand Nation. “There are no stipulations. It’s just first-come, first-served. We don’t ask if they need help. We just supply the soap, dryer sheets and money for them to do their laundry.”

Families are invited to bring two loads of laundry to Laundry Express at 456 Wilson St., in Vinita, to take part in the Monday, Dec 11th and 18th, Laundry Love event.

The Monday, Dec 11th and 18th, Laundry Love event will be the fourth and fifth one Grand Nation has hosted. According to Baker, Grand Nation’s goal is for Laundry Love to become a monthly event. Until then, watch for details about the next Laundry Love event on the Grand Nation Inc. Facebook page and on flyers posted around Vinita.

One-stop Source for People in Need

Grand Nation joins families seeking a better life with the resources and community organizations that can help them achieve their goal

A one-stop source for people in need, Grand Nation serves as an umbrella organization for a number of different programs, all of which are designed to help people of all ages receive the assistance they need while providing them with the skills necessary to make the change they seek.

The programs under Grand Nation’s umbrella address issues ranging from poverty, drug abuse recovery and suicide prevention to financial literacy, feeding the hungry and youth leadership.

By offering a hand up, not a hand-out, Grand Nation’s overall focus is on restoring the community to whole wellness and self-sufficiency one person or family at a time.

Grand Nation serves the communities of Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees, including Vinita, Grove, Jay, Afton, Ketchum, Langley, Miami, Bluejacket and Spavinaw.

Grand Nation is located on the top floor of the U.S. Post Office building at 120 E. Illinois, Suite 306, in Vinita. The phone number is (918) 276-2192.


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