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Native Women Business Owners: Building Assets & Strengthening their Communities

What is Known About Native Women Entrepreneurs

As of 2019, Native American/Alaska Native women owned 1.4% of all women-owned businesses (an estimated 180,300), employing 64,898 workers and generating over $12 billion in revenues.[2] Over the last 20 years, Native woman-owned businesses have grown almost twice as fast as women-owned businesses in general, at a rate of 201% compared to 114%, but slower than other minority groups.[2] Findings from the American Business Survey (ABS) for 2017 reported that most Native woman-owned businesses were self-funded through personal savings (67.9%), while about 18% funded their business through a bank loan and 6% used home equity loans; 18.9% offered retirement plans to employees and 43.2% offered no benefits.[3]

Most Native woman-owned businesses (69.2%) had one employee, as did businesses owned by men and women of other races, and 29.8% of Native women-owned businesses employed 2 to
4 employees. Less than 1% employed 5 to 10 employees, and the number employing 11 or more was not reported. An abstracted chart from the ABS is included as an addendum.[3]




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