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Seven Reasons Why Writing Is Important for Education

It is not rocket science that writing is a crucial part of the education system. Although not much emphasis is shown, writing exercises are essential for students. It is worth noting that life entails writing in many ways. Perhaps, most of these ways have never crossed our minds before. Like for instance, have you ever related resumes and CVs with writing? There are numerous other examples of how we use it out of the school setting. And this begs the need to create a steady foundation while still a student. You might ignore it now, but later on, it will have an impact on your life.

The need to teach and improve skills in drafting is what leads to tutors handing their students essays. Whenever you are given a paper to write, this is a chance to prove your talent and creativity. In case you have no idea about writing a good piece, you can check out free essays online. Various sites have free essay samples in their database, to give you a rough idea about how to go about everything with the help of these samples. Otherwise, here are ten reasons why you should take writing seriously from today onwards:


Believe it or not, you will need to use your writing skills in your career. Nowadays, most of the jobs need this skill at some point in time. Take the example of a teacher making a plan on how he or she will teach, or an officer writing a crime report. Both these cases need one essential requirement – writing. Also, it doesn’t matter whether you get a white-collar or blue-collar job; you will still have to use the skill. How else would you land a role in the first place without carefully crafting a resume?

We are in a very competitive society. You might be shocked when someone else is hired instead of you because they had better writing skills. Therefore, don’t let it hit you late when there’s nothing else you can do. Train when you are still in the right position.


To be a good writer, you need to harness other professions, including organization, critical thinking, and research. It is a systematic process, and this is where the organization is imperative. You don’t start writing without a proper plan and format. Conversely, you need to be good in research and critical thinking, since you will have to source for information at times. You can use an online grammar checker to make sure your grammar is crisp.


The writing was a primary means of communication in ancient times. Till date, it is still valid and essential for advancing one’s thoughts and feelings. In education, this is a mandatory skill that will help you, as a student, to relate well with your teacher. And this is not only restricted to the basic passage of information, but also for examination purposes. For instance, you need it when jotting down an essay or test. How you explain yourself using writing skills can be the reason for your pass or fail.


In the process of searching for things to write about, you can discover a lot. For example, when picking topics for your essay, you may find out that you are better in a particular subject more than another. And this tells you who you are and what interests your mind. You may be better placed dealing with medical papers than other essays. This may mean that you can be an expert in that field when you work hard.


With the rise in online paper services, many students opt to make orders for their assignments. A vast majority do this because they lack the confidence to write for themselves. Only a few make orders online because of other commitments. When you properly learn and comprehend how to write, you will easily handle every academic content, including term papers, with confidence. Again, you can equally get paid for writing jobs from home.


Different students have distinct memory capabilities. However, writing can help to increase one’s ability to grasp content. The best way to achieve this is through either taking notes while in class or watching movies about writing. Anything you put down on paper is easier to remember than what you only hold in mind.


When you’re done jotting down a piece, in most cases, you will feel happy and contented. This happens due to the joy of having contributed something to the world.


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