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Where Did Your $ Go? Initiative A Two-Year Financial Literacy Study

The “Where Did Your $ Go?” Initiative (, a two-year, three-hundred million ($300M) “Financial Literacy Study” launched and opened for registration on January 1, 2020. The two-year study awards participants a $6,000.00 online scholarship to simply track selected name brand consumer goods they purchase for their everyday household needs. Participants also will receive a 3.5% cash back reward for tracking those consumer goods. 

The two-year study will follow the spending habits of selected registrants/members/associates and track the brand products purchased and consumed on a yearly basis. For participating in the program, the registered Member Code Holder (MCH) will receive a 3.5% cash back reward from participating e-commerce stores, associated vendors, merchants, fundraising entities, and for profit private businesses. The participating non-profit organizations will also receive a 1.75% cash back reward as well.

The two-year “Where Did Your $ Go?” Initiative (, is simply asking selected participants to track $500 of their everyday consumer products by using their ID Coupon Code “wdymgo” when buying online products from participating distributors and brand name manufacturers. The study will track the bar code’s  “Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price” (MSRP) and any discounted price at the time of sale. The difference between the MSRP and the “Sales Price” is the data being sought by the study. Participants are required to spend one hour per month attending an online webinar and to submit answers to ten (10) questions per month. 

The study will track 1,000 participants per U.S. States (50,000) during the two-year study. Enrollment in the study requires obtaining a Member Code Holder (MCH) ID Number from a participating Associate Code Holder (ACH). There is a $7.00 registration fee for the study for individuals not associated with a non-profit organization.

The results of the study will show the following. When 50,000 participants spend $500, our participants added $25 million dollars to the U.S. economy. That is per month, which amounts to $300 million spent on consumer goods per year for those 50,000 enrollees in the study. For participating, 7% of that $300 million will be spent on cash rewards, which is a charitable donation to the consumer from the manufacturer of the product the consumer purchased. “” is a win-win scenario for our enrollees indeed.

To participate, a registrant will need to obtain a MCH number from an Associate Code Holder (ACH). This code number will allow the MCH, using the ACH’s code, to register for the study at To register, enter this code number into the ACH’s “Parent Affiliate” field and create a “Referral ID” field or ID for yourself and you are registered. We suggest using the three (3) initials of the MCH’s name plus the roman numeral number 1. For example, Arlene Betty Carrie would be “ABC1”. With that, the MCH or “ABC1” is registered for the two-year study. 

To redeem cash rewards, the MCH simply begins shopping at any of the participating merchants listed at and the “ONLINE STORES” menu. At checkout, the MCH simply enters their MCH code into the “Coupon” field or “Promo” field. The MCH will immediately receive a 3.5% cash back reward from the distributor of that product. At the end of the two-year study, will have tracked the revenue and transactions from the participating 50,000 Member Code Holders.

Join today and begin to reap your cash rewards by ordering your consumer goods in a new shopping way. Just order certain consumer goods on a yearly basis and pay weekly or monthly for those “staples” and have them delivered safely to your door. Concierge Service At It’s Best!

Register today:

  1. Visit 
  3. Complete your registration information 
  4. Create a “Referral ID” using the 3 initials of your name plus the number 1. (Ex: ADW1)
  5. Enter the ACH’s “Parent Affiliate” ID number
  6. Go shopping at participating businesses and service providers listed on website
  7. Earn a 3.5% cash reward instantly on purchased products and consumer goods

Remember, over the next two years, it’s not, “What’s In Your Wallet?” that counts but more like, “Where Did Your $ Go?” ( There is not enough money in our wallets, so let’s put 3.5% back into our wallets from the everyday products we purchase. Most importantly, “” becomes your personal concierge and consumer products shopper. The Initiative allows for the shipment of your consumer products directly from the distributor to your door. Safely and Securely!


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