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Where Did Your Money Go? Initiative A Two-Year Financial Literacy Study

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) The “Where Did Your $ Go?” Study Initiative (, a two-year financial literacy study was launched and opened for registrations on January 1, 2020. The two-year study will follow
the spending habits of selected registrants/members and track the brand products purchased and consumed on a yearly basis. For participating in the program, the registered Member Code Holder (MCH) will receive an immediate 3.5% cash back reward from participating online e-commerce stores, associated vendors, merchants, fundraisers, and for profit private businesses. An additional 1.75% in cash rewards will be given to the Associate Code Holder (ACH) affiliated with the student-member.

Fifty thousands (50,000 = 50K) MCHs will be enrolled into the two-year study. A minimum of 1,000 MCHs, totaling fifty thousand members, will come from each of the 50 U.S. states. The study will track a minimum of $500 monthly spending by the MCHs for consumer products, consumer services, and for-profit items. The MCH simply purchases products from participating businesses and service providers that honor the wdymgo coupon-promo code and they receive a 3.5% cash reward instantly from the purchase of the products and consumer goods they enjoy.

The results of the study will show the amount of money the average person or any group may spend on consumer products on a yearly basis and where that money goes. For a larger more important revelation, the study will show the financial power the members have collectively and the dollar amount contributions
those 50,000 members will have contributed to the U.S. economy. That contribution is projected consumer spend per 50,000 participants is three-hundred million dollars ($300M) U.S. dollars! Seven percent (7%) of that revenue will be rewarded to participants in cash rewards. That is twenty-one million dollars ($21M) being returned to those involved.

To participate, a registrant will need to obtain a MCH number. That MCH number will need to be obtained
from the Associate Code Holder (ACH). This code number will allow the MCH, using the ACH’s code, to
register for the study at To register, in filling out the Personal Information, one will need a
“Referral ID”, which is their initials or any ID they wish. The “Parent Affiliate” is the ACH’s ID number. The
Paypal email is the email used to register at top of the form.

To beginn to redeem cash rewards, the MCH simply begins shopping at any of the participating merchants listed at, or At checkout, the MCH enters the coupon code “wdymgo” and they receive a 3.5% cash back reward deducted from their balance. The ACH will auto-matically have 1.75% cash back rewareds credited to their account as well. For more information, please visit

Member Code Holders.

Cost of Member Code Holder (MCH): $ 7.00 per registration for a MCH Code

Cost of Associate Code Holder Number (ACH): $ 1,400 per registration with 200 MCH Codes Perfect for charitable organizations and fundraisers

Cost of Primary Code Holder Number (PCH): $10,500 per registration with 1,500 MCH Codes

Join today and begin to reap your cash rewards by ordering your consumer goods in a new shopping way. Just order certain consumer goods on a yearly basis and pay weekly or monthly for those “staples” and have them delivered safely to your door. Concierge Service At It’s Best With Charitable Results.

Register today:
1. Visit
2. Press the “CLICK HERE TO REGISTER” Button
3. Complete your registration information
4. Create a “Referral ID” using your initials plus the number 1 or any other ID you wish.
5. Enter the ACH’s “Parent Affiliate” ID number: redtails
6. Go shopping at participating businesses and service providers listed on the associated websites
7. Earn a 3.5% cash reward instantly on purchased products and consumer goods
8. Tell somebody!

Remember, over the next two years, it’s not, “What’s In Your Wallet?” that counts but more similar to, “Where Did Your $ Go?” ( There is not enough money in our wallets, so let’s put 3.5% back into our wallets from the everyday products we purchase while giving 1.75% to your local charity, school or business entity. “Let” become your personal concierge and consumer products shopper while supporting your local community.


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